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Why waste money on job posting when it is available free. ziapy.com is a free job posting site in India. Ziapy.com provides online free job posting service in India for employers to recruit the best talents. Post free online job posting and receive applications on your job posting via email.

Ziapy promise to deliver real candidates to employers. Our website is super mobile friendly, where recruiters post jobs through smartphones also.We work continuously to provide a better and simple recruiting process. Our SEO team makes all possible effort to rank each job post in the search engine. Job Posting process on ziapy.com is very simple, only you need to provide valid mail id for registration.



Frequently Asked Questions

How does it Work?

  • Once you post a job. It will be verified by our representative.
  • Job Post will be live if all information found to be true and it contains basic info like company name, location, and salary.
  • You will receive applications on your job posting via email.

Why post a job on ziapy?

  • Ziapy.com is a top online free job posting site in India.
  • Simple registration process.
  • A quick, short and simple job posting
  • Reaches targeted audiences.
  • Receives applications directly to your inbox.
  • Our SEO team will work on your job post to get a better result.

Why is my job Posting being rejected?

  • Repetitive jobs post are not allowed.
  • Not have enough job description to post.
  • Information not found to be true.
  • Not contains basic information like company or consultancy name, location, and salary.
  • Any kind of business advertisement/publicity is not allowed on our website.

Can recruiters also get access to resume database?

No this does not come under free plan. Recruiters need to pay for this access. to access resume database please mail us at [email protected]

How many free job posting allow?

An employer can post 15 jobs per month.

How Long Does a Job Posting Stay Active on the Site?

The posted job is active for 30 days from the day of posting and after 30 days it will automatically expire.

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