Right Way to Answer : Where Do You See Yourself in Next 5 Years ?

Where do you see yourself in five years

This is one of the tricky questions that often asked by interviewers. But generally, people don’t know the right way to answer. In order to answer in right way first, you have to understand why do Interviewers ask this and what they really mean by this question?

Basically, the interviewer wants to know how passionate, ambitious and proactive you are for this position and would your career goal fit with this position as they want to hire someone who is likely to stay for a long time.

A company invests money and time in hiring and training new people. Hiring managers don’t want to hire you if they come to know that you have planned to leave for something better as soon as it comes along.


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So what is the right way to answer “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

Now you know what exactly interviewers want to know. Take a long breath and describe your long-term goals with a company and ensure them you are fit for the job. Now I am sharing some tips that will help to outline your answer in right and effective manner

  • Show that you are excited about this position.
  • Tell your long-term career goals with the company.
  • Try to keep your answer simple and fair. 
  • Don’t give overconfident and stupid answers like in next 5 year I will be CEO or something like this.
  • Don’t be confused, like maybe an entrepreneur or maybe in top MBA college or don’t know. Such type of answers will create a negative impact as it shows that you don’t have any career goals in your life.
  • Don’t reply like “Hmm.” And, “Ummmm.” Or, “That’s hard to say.”

It will be more clear from below examples and help you to create your good and relevant answer.

Example 1 :

In the next 5 years, I would be CEO of the company. I always plan to claw my way to the top!

Above answer is not the right way as this shows your Overconfidence, which may create a negative impact on interviewers.  

Example 2 :

In the next five year, I want to work in a renowned organization where I can build a strong and stable career.

Such type of answers gives a strong reason to interviewers to reject you because this show you are looking for some better opportunity and planning to leave for something better as soon as it comes along.

 Example 3 :

In the next five-year hmm…it’s hard to say or I don’t know

This types of answer show a lack of confidence and lack of interest towards the work you will be designated.  

Example 4 :

In the next five years, I want to build strong management skills and want to work on big projects. Would like to complete internal training that helps me to become a project manager in this company.

The Above answer is good because it is simple and realistic and shows that you are excited, zealous and have long-term goals with a company.

Hope this article helps you to create your perfect answer. If you need any kind of help related to career, feel free to mail us at [email protected]

Best of luck! 


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