The Complete Guide about Cover letter Format and Writing Tips 2019

cover letter format and writing tips

A resume is limited to qualifications, skill, and achievements and that’s why cover letter comes in action. The cover letter is a document which defines who you are, why employers hire you.  Here is the complete guide about cover letter format and writing tips 2019 with the example that will help you to write a good and effective cover letter.

Cover letter format


The header of every professional cover letter for a job application should include the following:
  • Your name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • The date
  • The name of the hiring manager and their professional title
  • The name and address of the company to which you’re applying

Note– You can also add your LinkedIn account under this section


This is your greeting section where you mention the name of the hiring manager, do some research to find his/her name in case if don’t get any information you can simply mention as a hiring manager or hiring team.

3.Opening Paragraph 

In this paragraph, introduce yourself in an effective manner to impress the hiring manager. This is the most crucial section of the cover letter that will determine whether the hiring manager read on or not.  

4.Second paragraph

In this paragraph, you have to represent yourself as a perfect candidate which exactly an employer is looking for. For this, you need to do some research to understand the company culture and environment and highlight relevant skill and qualification to impress an employer

5.Third Paragraph

Under this, you need to show you are interested in desire job and company. Your future employer wants to know whether you are actually eager to work with him. You need to convince him that you are passionate about this job and will work with him for a longer period.

6.Closing Paragraph

So far you introduced yourself, shown that you have relevant skills and explained that you are looking forward to this job. Now you need to tell the employer that you are looking for a meeting where you want to explain how your experiences and skill help your future employer in achieving their goals.

7.Formal closing

Now put a formal closing like Best Regards, Kind Regards or you’re sincerely followed by your name.


This is optional but it is a very good tactic to impress the employer and sometimes this work great. Under this add any impressive skill or achievement even it is not relevant and promise to explain in detail if he/she calls you for an interview.


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Below we have added a sample cover letter which will help you to understand better.

Resume letter formatcover letter format and writing tips

Tips For Effective and Professional Cover Letter Writing

Don’t repeat information from the resume

A cover letter is to describe additional detail that is not possible to squeeze onto single paper of your resume. Don’t add what you have already mentioned in your resume. A cover letter gives you an opportunity to explore yourself more and showcase yourself that you are fit for the desired job.

Write with a positive attitude

Maybe you do not meet the entire job requirement, but don’t get down your confidence. Represent all relevant skills and have a positive attitude. Never include any weakness or skill which you don’t have, just focus on your skills and achievements and represent it in a professional and positive manner.

Collect some information about the company

It makes a great impact on the employer if you reveal that you are aware of the environment, culture and history of the company. A brief description of the company helps you to represent more effectively that you are fit for the desired job.

Be real and professional

Never add any false skill or information to impress recruiters, they are far smarter than you. All the detail you mention in your cover letter and resume should be true. And always add your professional email id and proper contact detail and keep it similar to as in resume. 


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