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resume writing tips 2019

This Article talks about effective resume writing tips that will make your resume stand out from the crowd. A resume is a document that speaks about your experience, qualification, and skills but unfortunately, people take it very casually. Strange but true about more than 90% of job seekers are eliminated at resume screening because of unprofessional resume writing.

Is your resume good enough to seek recruiter’s attention? If you don’t know how to create a professional resume that stands out. Here are 12 effective resume writing tips 2019 that will help you.

1 Select the Correct resume format

Selecting the right resume format is a very first and important step. It is very important for you to highlight those sections which are most required for the job. Different resume format highlight different aspects. 

  • Chronological– It mainly highlights your relevant experience, this format lists your experience first and then the qualification in reverse order means most recent first.
  • Functional – It mainly highlight skills and recommended for those who are seeking a career change.
  • Hybrid (mixed) – It is the combination of the chronological and functional format and recommended for those who have mixed relevant skills and similar work experience.


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2. Highlight each section

Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume, it is very important that all your sections like education, experience, and skills are mentioned with the proper headline and font.

3. Work experience should be relevant and recent

Your most relevant experience should be from the past 15 years. If you have 25 years of work experience and you add all of them, it makes your resume very lengthy. Put only the most recent and relevant experience that comfortably fit in the total length of two pages resume.   

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4. Use professional templates

The very first thing which makes impression on recruiter is your layout. You might have good skills and countable work experience but if you don’t represent properly it may get ignored by the recruiter. So always do care that your template represents all important aspect in a professional manner.

5. Don’t write Personal stuff

Your resume should only contain the detail of your experience, education, skill and your contact info. There is no need to write personal information like your age, marital status, religious preference.

6.Professional email

People generally don’t care about email id but this is also one of the reasons for rejection of resume. Always use short and professional email id on a resume. 

7.Font style and size

Don’t use fancy fonts which may harder to read. Use professional font style like Arial, Calibri or Helvetica which is easy to read. The size should be like that it is easy to read. For headline it should be 12-14 and text under headline should be 10-11

8. Limit to a single page 

Single page resume which conveys required details professionally is highly recommended. Try to limit your resume in a single page but in case your experience doesn’t comfortably fit in a single page then make it two-page but not more than that. For an entry-level candidate, it is recommended to have a single page resume but the two-page resume is ok for more experienced candidates. 

9. Include your Proper contact info

Always include your active phone number, email id and your address in short in your resume. No need to add your full address on the resume if it is not necessary for the job you are applying.

10.Mention your training and certification 

Always mention your certification because it may help you to stand out. If a candidate has the same qualification and experience in comparison to you but doesn’t have any certification and training relevant to job profile then you definitely have an advantage over him or her.

11. Don’t lie 

In order to impress recruiter never write anything which is not true, overstatement and anything which you can’t offer. You can’t fool the recruiter, they are far more intelligent and observable than you think. 

12. Consult professional

80% of professionally written resume get an immediate response, so don’t feel ashamed to take help from professionals, it is very important that your resume should be attention seeking to get chance for an interview.






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