7 Practical Tips to Find Job in Dubai on Visit Visa

tips to find job in Dubai

This article talks about tips to find job in Dubai on visit visa. People visit Dubai to find their dream job but because of lack of proper strategy mostly people return their home country jobless.

If you are looking for a job in Dubai, the year 2020 brings a better job opportunity for you. According to Trefor Murphy, chief executive and founder of Cooper Fitch, the job market is set to pick up in 2020 but workers should not expect any major increase in salaries.

If you are In Dubai on visit visa or you are planning to visit Dubai on visit visa in search of a job this article will help you. You need to have a proper strategy to get a job in Dubai. So, how to make proper strategy and on which factors you need to focus to get a job in Dubai.


Here are 7 Practical Tips to That Will Help to Find Job in Dubai :


1. Choose 3-months visit between Octobers to February

You need to spend enough time to build strong networking and to reach out employers and for this 3-month visit is perfect. Try to visit between Octobers to February because the number of vacancies in these 5 months is high so, you have more chances to hit job. 


2. List out companies which are relevant to your field

Before visiting Dubai make a list of companies in Dubai which is relevant to your job profile. Collect details like company address, contact number and their mail ids. This will allow you to spend more time on the searching job in Dubai.


3. Work on your resume

Most of the people send their resume to companies but did not get any response because their resume was unprofessional. Your resume is very important as it is your first chance to impress recruiters.

So please do take care that your resume must be professional. And highlight your skills and experience in the right way so that recruiter can’t ignore it.  


4. Make proper strategies to get a job in Dubai

Once you reached Dubai you have limited time to find the job so, try to utilize it in the best possible way. Don’t waste time in exploring the beauty of Dubai. Make proper strategies to build networking and reach maximum company office and drop your resume.

Approach hiring managers in your relevant field and find Indian buddies who are already working in Dubai and ask for their help.


5. Approach recruiters in Right way

Visit the company’s offices and try to meet the hiring manager and give your resume and cover letter. And tell them that you are on visit visa and you are available in Dubai for an interview up to visa expiration.

Drop your resume even if there is no vacancy in the company, maybe in the future, there will be a vacancy and they will call you. Always mention your Dubai contact number, home town contact number and detail about your visit visa expiration date in the resume.

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6. Don’t miss walk-in Interviews

Search for the walk-in Interviews around you and grab it. Face walk-in interview with full energy to grab the opportunity. The walk-in interview is a gift for you because if you are not selected but you make a good impression on HR they may call you for future vacancies in the company.


7. Apply for relevant jobs

If you are an engineer and applying for sales executive then there must be a high chance to get rejected. Try to focus on relevant jobs where your skills, experience, and qualification help you to get a job.


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